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We are the crazy ones. Started with a question: How could we contribute to feeding the growing global population while reducing the environmental consequences of the current western diet? Moving billions of people onto an animal protein diet is so disastrous to our planet that we foresee an inevitable future of insect protein being a staple worldwide.


Insect‑based food has and could again feed the world. Our team’s research revealed a massive market demand for upgrading our food production to take into account limited clean water resources and methane producing animal food sources. In addition, feeding billions of people who subsist on inadequate food sources was revealed as a priority to the market. Our findings also confirmed that insect-based food requires a massive shift in thinking. We must move away from “no way – it’s disgusting” to a reality in the western world that “this is the sensible choice, what is the big deal?” We realized that the main competition is not other suppliers – companies that are making insect protein available — in Southeast Asia, Canada, and the US – but the status quo. Instead of competing, we decided to help companies who are already out there fighting for our collective future. We noticed that inspired, energized teams are capable of resolving their own business problems. We also learned about Edutainment – a method of empowering people with knowledge that helps them improve their lives through popular media. Bringing innovation technology and party fun together will change the world for the better.