Your Ideas

This game doesn’t end when the party is over. Do you have a solution that you think really hits the spot? Sharing is caring, inspire others by sharing your solutions. On our website you can share your ideas and network with other creative people globally, which can be a first step of making a difference. Crowd-solving starts on our Members page where you can use your unique access code from your card game box. With that you will be able to contribute ideas in the 5 categories (food, water, air, climate and waste) and vote for other ideas based on practicality, impact humor etc. You will also be able see highest voted solutions on the leaderboard. We are figuring out how to engage incubators and green investors to connect to the provider of best ideas.



Did you know that there are thousands of organizations out there making an impact on our top environmental concerns? We came up with the set of solutions we knew of and liked. Our criteria included originality, accessibility, impact, practicality, scalability, or just being simply awesome. You can find inspiring, like-minded people here. Our 2019 edition of Funnovative focuses on 5 categories of humanity’s challenges Рfood, water, air, climate, waste. We are excited to endorse these amazing initiatives.


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