• 3-6 players
  • 30-60 minutes game time
  • Ages 12-120 years

Funnovative is a card game not for the faint of heart. The game starts with a Challenge Card drawn by the Game Master. This Challenge is a real world challenge in one of five categories: food, water, air, climate or waste. Each of the players is dealt 2 Solution Cards with unique approaches to various global challenges. The players also get an Innovation Card that has a single word on it.

Now each of the players must present a compelling approach to solving the Challenge using their Solution Cards and Innovation Card, telling a story of how this solution would work. If you sold your approach to the Game Master then you get points.

After each of the players have presented their approach and either earned a point or not, the next round begins with a new player becoming the Game Master and drawing a new Challenge card. The game ends once one of the players reaches 20 points.

If during the course of the game, your group discovers a truly innovative solution to one of the major world problems, you can register the solution at The community of gamers can then vote solutions up until the top solutions for each Challenge Category can be picked up by investors for real life implementation. How cool is that? We are here to solve for Earth.


Challenge cards introduce 5 big real world issues in a relatable, funny way.

Solution cards offer practical remedies also with a funny twist.

Innovation cards are your chance to invent solutions from a few word clues.


Each box comes with:

  • 104 cards = 20 Challenges, 50 Solutions, 30 Innovation, 4 Wildcards
  • Rulebook
  • Funnovative portal Member access
  • a list of cool organizations with real solutions
  • and lots of love


“Finally a fun game that makes you feel GREAT” – Sonia, 29

“It’s like Cards Against Humanity with a Happy Ending… Well Done!” – Rose, 26

“I love the sharing of ideas, collaboration and the opportunity to be creative” – Matt, 25

This is YOUR Game

Our world needs new heroes. You may be the one who holds the keys to our greatest challenges. If you:

  • … are aspiring for doing something fun – meaningful to make a difference outside of work
  • … want to connect to other cool people
  • … want to see real progress
  • … want to play something high-vibe and positive

… then we’ve got something for you 🙂


Fun – collaborative card game, solving real world challenges with your friends.
Social – register your ideas online and vote on other people’s ideas.
Inspiration – learn about actual, unique solutions to world challenges, e.g. cricket protein.
Impact – be a hero all while playing a game with friends.