What is the buzz about crickets? Crickets and other edible insects are key to our solutions. Here is why:

  1. Crickets provide protein plus micronutrients (fatty acids, calcium, iron, vitamin B12). These are critical for a healthy diet and brain development.
  2. Cricket farming is more efficient:​ 100 pounds of feed are needed to raise 60 pounds crickets vs. 100 pounds of feed for 10 pounds of beef (less land and less feed required).
  3. Crickets are not thirsty: 1 gallon of water is needed for 1 pound of cricket vs. 2000 gallons for 1 cow (save water, keep water poop-free).
  4. Low carbon footprint: while crickets have a tiny footprint and do not emit methane like cows, they do emit some greenhouse gases, i.e. from the gases emitted to produce their food and keep cricket farms the correct temperatures. Meat production is responsible for 14-22% of greenhouse gases. That is more than all global transportation combined!