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Funnovative Game

Play for Humanity!

Imagine playing a card game with your friends that ignites your creativity to solve global challenges! Funnovative provides an opportunity to save our planet while having fun.

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We believe that fun games with friends can be an incubator for deeper meaning. More than escaping from your day into an evening of laughter and entertainment, we can channel that collaborative and creative teamwork into creating real solutions to real problems. Some of the challenges in this world include global hunger, pollution, deforestation, and global warming. Many think they can’t make a difference, that “someone” will tackle that problem. Well, guess what? That “someone” can be you. To achieve this in a safe, relaxed, creative game environment is just the next logical step. Have fun and focus on positive causes. What else you can wish for when it comes to a card game? We believe in challenging the status quo where people are hungry AND waste pollution and global temperatures are at unprecedented levels in human history.

What if we could crowd-solve the world’s overwhelming environmental problems through a fun card game? Inspired, energized groups can resolve complex problems. Bringing innovative technology and party fun together can change our world for the better.
What if you and your friends are the real heroes who – with a great new idea – come up with the next big thing and help save us all? It is totally possible. Come find out how.


We encourage thinking outside of the box, because we do have the means to solve these global issues. We think it is time to create an alternative to the inefficient global aid system/industry that has proved ineffective in solving world hunger, protecting forests and oceans from destruction. This game is for the ones who want to participate in taking control of our destiny. We do our share by building enlightening, collaborative games for creative, fun people who seek happiness and care about the future. We are creating a platform where we can share great ideas and connect to like-minded people that will change the world. Something is broken in the world and we are committed to taking action to fix it.